Live a Deeply Heart-Awakened Life —
Without Having to Master Your Mind and Ego First

And, Like Hundreds of Others Around the World,
Discover and Fulfill Your Own Unique
Laws of Attraction and Destiny

Dear Friend,

What does the word heart mean to you?

In an online dictionary, the first definitions relate to the physical heart organ of the body. Soon enough the entries address subtler and essential things in our lives:

  • the emotional or moral as distinct from the intellectual nature; generous disposition — compassion; love, affections; courage, ardor
  • one’s innermost character, feelings, or inclinations
  • the central or innermost part; the essential or most vital part of something
Through our free online course, Transmission of the Heart, we welcome you into a remarkably effective process of heart-awakening. In it, all these qualities of your heart, and more, will come to life, pretty much like flowers opening in sunshine.

It’s not quite that simple and easy. But it’s also not a whole lot more complicated. And it is natural, direct, and deeply graceful.

The course introduces you to a simple, effective, universally accessible spiritual process and resource-center that you can make use of in your own ways. It’s called HeartGazing™. You’ll find it can energize, strengthen, and inspire you as you embrace or continue other forms of faith, practice, or self-improvement, and make your unique journey through life.

Why we spell it “Heart”

Many people, especially in circles of spiritual or self-improvement work, assume that heart-awakening means psychic openness or emotional compassion — “My heart really opened, I felt so much love.”

We often capitalize the “H” in “Heart” because we’re talking about and welcoming you to an awakening of your whole Heart and an enlivening of your whole being:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • mental
  • moral
  • relational
  • spiritual
  • central
  • all-inclusive

How this all works, what it entails, and its potential benefits to you — as well as challenges — are things we address in this course, Transmission of the Heart. We’re happy to make it available to you for free.

Everyone should have access to this information.

And this infusion of Heart.

Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder We’re Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, Heart-awakeners, teachers, and authors. This is what we do. This is what our lives are all about. It’s our deep privilege and pleasure to serve you in any way we can.

Our work is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey, whatever your background and your hopes and dreams. We recognize that everyone’s unfoldment is more than fingerprint-unique, and we look to facilitate yours in ways that work just for you.

Is This YOU?

  • A seasoned meditator or spiritual seeker of enlightenment with 5-20+ years of serious practice behind you, wanting to complete your quest in this lifetime
  • A devout participant in your religious faith, looking to strengthen your connection to prayer and God
  • Someone who thinks the whole idea of “awakening” and books like The Power of Now are, frankly, hogwash — but you still check it all out anyway!
  • A hurting, hungry heart who wants to be met, heard, seen, and held
  • A novice at all this spiritual stuff with a sense there’s something for you here but no idea where to even begin

If ANY of these descriptions fits you — or is even close — Transmission of the Heart could be a great next step for you to take on your personal journey!
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“Saniel Bonder is one in whom the Conscious Principle is awakened, and he is attempting to forge a new path of mutuality in the midst of ordinary, messy, everyday realities — and Linda Groves-Bonder is a brilliant teacher in her own right.”

Ken Wilber, Larry Dossey, MD
author of Integral Spirituality,
founder of Integral Institute


“Not only THAT you’ve touched so many but WHAT IT IS YOU’VE TOUCHED THEM WITH”

This course may present orientations to the whole pursuit of personal and spiritual transformation that challenge your preconceptions. It may also contradict popular teachings you hear from other sources, new and old, religious and secular.

THAT this approach does indeed work, and has worked profoundly for hundreds of people over the last decade and a half, is confirmed in our lives and teaching interactions again and again.

Just as we were putting this letter together for you, we got an unsolicited note from a woman who has gone through this Heart-awakening — about a man who also had. A former mentor and dear friend of hers, he just recently died of a sudden, rapidly metastasizing cancer. To honor both of their privacy, we’ll call her “Angela,” him “Martin.” After some personal remembrances of Martin, Angela wrote to Saniel:

“Martin was exploring other healing/spiritual teachings, as he had throughout his life. And here's the part I want to let you know — no matter how connected he might have felt to some of the new discoveries he was making — usually for short periods before again moving on — he always spoke of you and Linda with the grandest of superlatives.  He thought the world of you both, of what you've done for so many — not only THAT you've touched so many but WHAT IT IS YOU'VE TOUCHED THEM WITH — and he maintained a very deep recognition of that, with great gratitude to you both.”


We are blessed to have so many acknowledgements and appreciations from people of this kind, with this ardent sense of recognition, it’s a bit humbling. We’re very grateful to Martin and Angela for this last word from him, after his death.

 We invite you to find out what he was talking about. “What it is we touched Martin with” in the later years of his life, before he died, is also something we can offer you. And that’s exactly what we do, in the most direct way we know how, in this course. We do it in the manner that’s been at the core and foundation of our entire work since the early 1990s, and without any unnecessary concepts and complications.

We also have many wonderful colleagues — in fact, a whole network of teachers and mentors trained in the process that Saniel founded in 1993. (Martin was a mentor for a while.) Along with us, they are all democratizing this remarkable awakening and transformation process. Each one teaches in his or her own way, and we all work together in mutual accountability to one another and to those we serve.

The process is tried, tested, and true. It can work for you. And this Transmission of the Heart free online course is a superb way to access its living essence, through HeartGazing™, so that your own whole Heart starts to come alive and awake as never before.

In your own unique way. At your own pace. According to the laws of your being, which both you and anyone who serves you need to learn and deeply respect. 


"For years, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder have guided seekers in search of what really matters. Their spiritual teachings embody timeless wisdom, immense practicality, and a refreshing lightheartedness and joy. They are authentic healers – practitioners who help people become whole by discovering their intrinsic holiness. And, they are among the most talented, multifaceted, awake people I know. May their work soar.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.,Larry Dossey, MD
author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things


Can you awaken beyond ego, find your greater purpose — and still attract what you want in your personal life?

YES. You can! And HeartGazing™ can help you. Hundreds have awakened in this Heart-full way, are clarifying and pursuing their life-purpose, and are diligently working to manifest the things of life, mind, and spirit that they want and need.

Let’s put all this in the context of currently popular themes of personal and spiritual transformation — and make clear just how it can help you grow and change in ways you long to.

Thanks to Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle’s webinars around his book A New Earth, millions of people around the world are suddenly exploring the possibility of a spiritual “NOW-Awakening” beyond ordinary egoic self-awareness, thinking, desires, and reactions. And they’re wondering what their greater, awakened life-purpose might be.

You might be trying to find that holy grail. Or, you could be one of the many who’ve been seeking such things for years or decades. It could even feel like lifetimes.

Power of NOW
  • Transcend your ego
  • Identify only with impersonal awareness
  • Master & tame the mind
  • Active ingredients: inspiring teaching + your effort
  • Cultivate life-purpose from/for awakening awareness only
  • Be free of past & future
  • Embrace & transcend your ego
  • Identify with total spectrum of self
  • Explore & integrate the mind
  • Active ingredients: inspiring teaching + Heart-transmission + your effort + others' support
  • Cultivate whole-being destiny from/for awakening awareness, personal soul, & ego-self
  • Integrate past, anticipate & attract future

You may also be responding to teachings like The Secret, trying to master the “law of attraction” to get or attain all kinds of things you deeply desire.

Our offering of Heart-Awakening may speak to you. We and the teachers in our network, all of whom have been trained in the approach Saniel founded, have already helped hundreds of people awaken to their true essence — “Heart-consciousness” — and begin embracing their greater calling, or heart-destiny. We’re confident we can help you do these things too.

And, we can also help you manifest the changes you want in life, attracting what you deeply, truly desire. You might want “big things”:

  • finding the love of your life
  • strengthening your faith in God
  • health or healing for yourself or a family member or friend
  • money, success, achievement, fame 

Or, smaller, or at least simpler things, like:

  • have hope instead of feeling like your life is shut down all around you
  • feel connected to your own body and to life, instead of like you don’t belong in your own skin
  • become more confident in how to relate to your spouse, family members, boss or co-workers, friends — rather than chronically feeling either suppressed and voiceless, or else like you’re always hurting or offending others
  • make better progress in your personal and spiritual growth practices, like meditation, prayer, martial arts — instead of feeling like you’re on a treadmill
  • learn how to hold yourself with dignity and wisdom, even when things get tough or disaster strikes

This free online course, Transmission of the Heart, can help you in all these pursuits and more. Come join us!


The Secret
  • You alone are always manifesting exactly what you want as your world
  • Cultivate positive thinking at all times — never give in to negativity, always overcome it 
  • You can get, have, & keep whatever you truly want, if you learn the secret law of attraction
  • All kinds of forces — including but not limited to you — create your world
  • “Who knows what is good & what is bad?" Permit a full spectrum of experience & learn from all of it
  • Yes, attract what you want — but learn to accept failure and loss too, & manifest dignity in adversity

"Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder offer a refreshingly grounded yet wise approach to spiritual awakening, one that is founded on a deep understanding of the human condition."

Peter Russell,Peter Russell
author of From Science to God,
The Global Brain

What you’ll learn about and experience in the 4 sessions of Transmission of the Heart

HeartGazing™ is a resource you can easily learn and integrate in your own life as you wish. The course explains why and how it works and “gets you started.” It includes 4 audio recordings supplemented by downloadable images, streaming video, and writings, as well as access to email and online forums with other participants.

Here are the Session titles with some of the topics we address and teachings we present:

 Session #1: Why Deeper Heart-Connection and Eventual Awakening Are Becoming Inevitable

  • How Transmission of the Heart works, and why it may be “a nutrient you didn’t know you’ve needed — until you get it”
  • How easy it is to use HeartGazing™, on its own or in combination with other practices and pursuits
  • Five Meta-Shifts in today’s global society that have changed the world of spiritual trust and security beyond recognition — so that the old ways of prayer and meditation no longer completely work for many people today
  • Brief guided meditation — How to Receive Heart-Transmission Through Gazing

Session #2: How HeartGazing™ Strengthens Trust — in Yourself, Others, Nature, and God — and Empowers Your Awakening

  • The 3 life-changing secrets — Heart-transmission, Greenlighting, and Mutuality — that have already enabled hundreds to achieve permanent spiritual Awakenings and meet the unprecedented challenges of 21st century living
  • Five Meta-Keys to responding to the immense shifts taking place in society and healing our own “Spirit/Matter splits”
  • Brief guided meditation — The Six-Step Recognition Yoga™

Session #3: HeartGazing™, Active Conscious Dreaming™, and Manifesting the Changes You Truly Desire

  • Why awakening, attraction, and destiny-fulfillment are all seamless parts of a whole, ever-evolving, divinely human life
  • What may be the single most important meeting of science and spirituality that took place in the 20th century, and why it means so much for us in the 21st
  • Brief guided meditation — Active Conscious Dreaming™

Session #4: The Awakening Heart and the Democratic Evolution of Divinely Human Life

  • The developmental “Ages of Trust” that we can naturally go through with proper education, and what it means for human evolution as great numbers of people awaken and fulfill their greater life-purpose
  • The Four R’s that are crucial to our conscious evolution — and how what you’ll tap into with HeartGazing™ gives you unique resources to learn and master them
  • Brief guided meditation — The Falcon’s Glance Meditation for Awakening Consciousness™


"HeartGazing™ with Linda and Saniel, and participating in the force-field of their spiritual blessing, has opened up  new experiences in my heart and my entire essence — the sense of my expanded consciousness and presence. I am experiencing life and its events more fully in my entire being and feel more grounded, open and aware. My personal spiritual journey has increased in its breadth, depth and velocity since I began this process with them.

"As a healer and transmitter of spiritual blessings myself, I could immediately tell that their Heart-transmission to me was in turn subtly changing what I communicate myself. This was confirmed when two of my clients independently told me after sessions, 'This was a nutrient I didn't even know I needed — until you gave it to me!'

"But maybe the best feedback of all about the uplifting power of HeartGazing™ with Saniel and Linda came from my 15-year old daughter, who came to one of their sessions as my guest. Jenner is a beautiful soul, though she's not 'into' spiritual things. Her comment after a gazing session with Linda was simple: 'It made my heart happy.'"

Barbara Musser, D.Div.,Barbara Musser, D.Div.
founder of Evolutionary Healing



A welcoming invitation — especially if you wonder whether you really are “ready to Awaken”

When Oprah began promoting her online webinar series with Eckhart Tolle on his book, A New Earth, she asked a single question that brought a whole new subject into mainstream public awareness as never before:

“Are you ready to Awaken?”

It’s a bracing, challenging, exciting question. Just by asking it of yourself, you take a major step on one of life’s most important journeys.

But your real answer to it might not be a hearty “YES!”

It might be, “I’m not sure. What exactly IS Awakening, anyway?”

Or, “I’d like to be ready. But, at least, I’m ready to start getting ready!”

It’s OK not to be ready to Awaken. In fact, for thousands of years, teachers and transmitters of awakening have understood that most people need to prepare for this huge shift in many ways. Their bodies and souls need to ripen, so they can sustain its impact in their hearts, minds, and daily lives.

So here’s our very special final invitation to you to take our free online course, Transmission of the Heart:

Please join us even if you’re not yet ready for this big “Awakening” shift … or, if you just aren’t sure about it.

You might not even feel attracted to it. Or worthy of it.

None of that is an issue for us. We know you are worthy of all this. And that you can prepare for it if you need to. But we’re in no rush. And you don’t need to be either — unless you can’t help but be.

This is incredibly important. You don’t have to know whether you’re ready to “get enlightened” to benefit wonderfully from Transmission of the Heart, the process and resource-center of HeartGazing™, and the network of connections you’ll find here.

So once again we say, come on this journey of Transmission of the Heart. Now or any time you’re ready … we’ll be here. You can fill out the simple form below to register whenever you wish. And take this wonderful, Heart-full exploration of what it is to be human and alive.

 Blessings and love,

 Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder
Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder,
HeartGazing™ and The White-Hot Way™

P.S. The “BIG, BIG, BIG Secret to Our Work — Everyone Awakens Uniquely.” Greg Aurand is a business strategist who has helped us put this page together — and himself has gone through this Heart-awakening with our help. He recently wrote us:

“One thing to really emphasize is that everyone awakens differently and that you, Linda and Saniel, are aware of this and prepared for this, and — along with the other teachers in our network — uniquely guide people into and through this very personal experience. This is what no one else talks about, and this is why people will never get this out of any formulaic book or practice. 

“This is the BIG, BIG, BIG Secret to your work, and why it’s crazy for people to pass up this opportunity. Who else is going to talk about awakening this way? Most teachers in fact are teaching people to awaken in a way they’ve formulated for mass consumption, which doesn’t have anything to do with their own unique awakening process! Every awakening is unique. And most folks are not going to read a book or listen to a podcast and suddenly wake up.”

Greg Aurand,Greg Aurand
director of Maximum ROI
Marketing Systems

We’d be delighted — as we know Greg would too — for great numbers of people to suddenly awaken however they can. But we expect there’s a lot of truth to what he says. And we do know that our approach empowers the “uniqueness factor” for each and every person who takes it up with Heart. ~S&L